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Name: Emily
Location: Spain
Status: Single
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Song: At the minute JoJo - Baby its you.
Place to Shop: Forever 21 & Abercrombie  (If your wondering if I get these stores in Spain I don't. I get the stuff online)
Movie: Mean girls (:
Color: Baby Blue & Baby Pink.

Just To Know...
Describe yourself in 5 words: Girly,Funny,Happy,Crazy (In a good way =P),Loving.
What do you think of your mod: I don't know her but shes really pretty.
Why Should We Accept You: because Im just SO fetch. haha no, just kidding. because I'll be active and promote :)

Post at least 3 ~ 5 Pictures of Yourself

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Another community with me! This community is dead...I'm not sure the Mods even come here anymore...But, we'll see if anyone will come vote...
omg lol, I'm seeing you everywhere! ^.^
Yea sorry about the deadness me and nicole(the mod) have been up over our ass's in dance rehersals and everything after today well hopefully be better.

+you like Jojo you got me sold

ur perfect! ACCEPTED!
ty (: